Stars +205 vs Vegass – Bookmakers Are High for a Third Straight Series

Show of hands from all my readers and be honest here y’all… Who among us has ever actually enjoyed a trip to Vegas?

Ohh hmm for some reason I don’t see any hands just like every other time I’ve ever asked this question. It’s almost like VegASS is the most overrated city in the world.

Apparently they have the most overrated hockey team in the world too because the Knights are -250 to beat us in the conference finals. I’m starting to sound like a broken record here but… what the fuck Vegas?

I understand that Vegas teams get inflated odds because of all the local tickets. And yes, this is still better odds than they gave us for the Avs. But it is still insulting and I’m having none of it.


The Avs were the best team in the league and I still thought their price was way too high going into that series. I was proven more than right when we nearly gentleman sweep’d em before accidentally forfeiting that game 5.

The Knights on the other hand just barely escaped a seven game series against the freakin Canucks. “Yeah but they murdered the advanced stats etc etc.” Oh, great… What an accomplishment dominating possession against the freaking VANCOUVER CANUCKS.

Vancouver has been one of the worst teams in hockey over the past several seasons, with some slight improvement this year due to a weighted schedule against the easiest division opponents by far. Vegas gets the same benefit by the way.

There are five, possibly six teams in the Central division that could win the Pacific easily. Remember last year when everyone thought Calgary was good? Haha, that was funny.


The biggest hurdle to the finals was Colorado and we just cleared that with flying colors. Making us heavy underdogs to the west coast teams is absolutely disrespectful and for the third straight time this postseason, we’re gonna have to make bookies regret it.

Fuck Vegas. Fuck their bookies. And fuck their shitty expansion team.

Stars in 6

Stars +205 vs Vegass – Bookmakers Are High for a Third Straight Series

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