Game 4: Captain America JoePa’s Epic Chip Shot Puts Vegass on Their Knees

So.. this is really happening isn’t it? Unbelievable. It is so surreal, I just don’t know how to feel.

For the second series in a row, we’re up 3-1 against a team that bookies chalked as easy favorites. Only this time, we’re not gonna forfeit Game 5 because one more win means a trip to the STANLEY CUP FINALS.

On paper, this was a game we had no business winning. 65% Corsi against. No life at all going forward, especially in the first two periods.

We were gifted with two early power plays and only got two shots on goal, which was the same amount of shorthanded shots that Vegas had on us. It looked like we were trying new tactics and forcing skating entries, and it looked like shit…

For thirty minutes, it seemed that our skaters weren’t capable of stringing together consecutive high energy games against this Vegass team. Dobby had us hanging on by a thread, but we spent too much time in the penalty box and the seal was finally broken at 7:44 in the second.

Prospects stayed grim following the goal, and it just didn’t look to be our night at all. Then this happened…

Holy fucking shit that is one of the nastiest goals I have ever seen. A freakin CHIP SHOT! Hooowww on earth is Captain America JoePa so god damn good? There’s no way you can practice that. This is just a man that god created solely to handle a stick in front of the net. Preternatural instincts is an understatement.

Thank you SO SO MUCH San Jose Sharks! So glad you kept Karlsson off our hands. And SO glad you let this amazing hero walk free!


That wonder goal gave us life, and then it finally became our turn to go on the power play again. Twice. The first crack didn’t work out, but it almost cost Lehner his life…

On the second crack, our beautiful captain stepped up for the billionth clutch point this postseason. His vintage god mode is back and here to stay. $9.5M a year is chump change!

From there, we set up the impenetrable bunker fortress that’s been locking down wins all season. It wasn’t as easy as usual though. Eight of our 17 total blocked shots came in the final period.

Some those occurred during a nut clenching-three minute PK stretch that saw a near shorthanded goal get turned into a full minute of 5v3…

The penalties went by with zero pucks hitting net. So did the rest of the period. Dobby was as sensational all night as he’s been all postseason. What a god damned awesome goalie.


And last but not least, here’s another glimpse of just how amazing our 21 year old Finnish badass Miro Heiskanen is…


Game 5 is tonight. It’s obviously not a must win, but if we dare look forward to the Finals, we have a freight train from Tampa rolling on the other side and we cannot let them get more rest than us. Put a nail in that coffin and move on.

Game 4: Captain America JoePa’s Epic Chip Shot Puts Vegass on Their Knees