NFL Lottery Tickets to Make You Rich – 2020 Season

My biggest regrets over the past two years are not going public with my biggest futures – KC +4500 in 2018, and Baltimore +1700 last year (after Week 7).

Both failed to hit of course, but they ended as Super Bowl favorites the week going in to their last games. They were easily hedgeable and profitable, so I’ve got some skins on the wall in this shit.

(Also had Luka MVP +3800 nbd, would’ve been +6000 if I’d done it a day earlier).

A commonality in both of those picks, besides obviously the young QBs, is top-notch coaching. Andy Reid spent years tipping my teenage Cowboy fan angst to boiling points back in the day, so I’ve always believed in his bonafides. Harbaugh’s resume was already speaking for itself.

A key difference for me in this year’s picks is that I might not even bet them for myself because I hate the teams. I’m gonna be pondering this over the night but it’s TBD.

If you don’t have a conscious though, then by all means follow me.



Washington Football Team +22500

Over 5.5 wins +100

Keep in mind that they do not have to win. They just have to make the (now expanded) playoffs. 

They’d have to win 1 out of 200 times for this to be good value, which I think is the case. But they do not have to win 1 out of 200 times for you to make money.


First up is coaching – I’m a big time believer in Ron Rivera. He consistently churned out elite defenses in Carolina without particularly heavy draft or free agency investment. They were almost always division round caliber and had a 15-1 Super Bowl run thrown in the mix.

He got some time off over the winter with an early firing to rejuvenate, and I’m a fan of sabbaticals for long term production.

Chase Young, Montez Sweat, Ryan Kerrigan, and Johnathan Allen. That is by far the best front Rivera’s ever had to work with and you’re high and/or biased if you don’t think that’s a foundation for an elite defense.

Also a key note for defense is Jack Del Rio is the DC. He’s a low key a talented coach who’s managed to make some noise with shitty franchises back in his day.

At quarterback, I’m not as high on Haskins as Mahomes and Lamar obviously, but I don’t think it’s fair to say he sucks like everyone’s assuming these days. He didn’t have a chance at all last year. His talent and ceiling is high enough to at least get a fair chance before judgement.

It also helps Alex Smith will be a key veteran presence in the locker room and Kyle Allen can provide enough competition to suppress potential complacency. At the very least, both can provide a safety net of adequacy if Haskins does end up sucking.

Lastly, we must address the elephant in the room – the owner. I came of age trolling redskins boards and am confident in the fact that nobody knows this owner and these fans better than me.

Dan Snyder is one of the most successful con men to ever live and he may just be entering his prime. There’s a huge misperception out there that the fans have always hated him, and that’s just not the case.

Out of the gates in his first offseason, he spent boatloads of money on legends Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, and Mark Carrier to dupe the fans into thinking they had their new Jerry Jones (irony at its best).

He emptied the vault to sign that era’s version of Chip Kelly (but actually good version) – Steve Spurrier. He also maxed out on assistant coach contracts to get a discombobulated all star staff that further duped fans.

When that fizzled out, he brought back the Hall of Fame hero Joe Gibbs. Redskins fans were so excited; their owner could bring back Gibbs but ours burned the bridge with Jimmy (forgetting the fact we had Parcells).

The Joe Gibbs team actually could’ve been good enough to win in spite of Snyder. That was his best shot at conning his way into immortality. Unfortunately, Sean Taylor died and everything kind of fell apart.

By then, Snyder had gotten rich enough to stop caring as much about the fans and that’s when the cycle of bottoming out began.

However, that bottoming out was not as consistent and permanent as people believe. Whenever Snyder got to the point of revolution from the fans, he always managed a way to snake em back in for a bit.

Mike Shanahan, Scot McCloughan, and remember this? Hahahahahah ahhh haha that’s so good.

Right now, Dan Snyder is under more attack than he’s ever been, but I don’t think it’s enough to cancel him. The owners will let him stick around as long as he’s bringing in the cash, and now we’re about to see an up-cycle where he does just that.

While I hate the redskins so much, I just might pull the trigger on this one just to cheer for Snyder to keep his post. It’s for the good of the Cowboys.



Carolina Panthers +15000

Over 5.5 Wins -120

Again, coaching is key here with the Panthers. Matt Rhule was suspiciously the most sought after coach for the past two years. He killed it at Temple and worked a miracle at Baylor; although that doesn’t seem like an NFL resume, the many pursuits he’s had by teams indicates there may be something special there.

These are some serious green flags…

He‘s coached every position except secondary and running back (but has also been a run game coordinator). It’s a resume of someone who may not have shot up the leader, but has so much experience on the ground in all the sectors to end up the most knowledgeable candidate for a job.

However, these are some serious red flags…

Ethics are an issue. This bothers me, but it doesn’t bother everyone so I’m just throwing it out there in case you care.


The head coach isn’t the only prodigy on the staff. In fact, they might have the greatest coaching prodigy of them all – Joe Brady.

Seriously, has there ever been a 30 year old with this much god damn credentials? Groomed by Sean Payton for two years and then goes to LSU for one season and managed by far the greatest college offense of all time. He is special.

Lastly, we have quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who for some reason is kind of polarizing. I just don’t get it. He had a freak injury and that sucks, but both before and after he’s done nothing but win.

His last two years in college: 11-2 and 12-1 records. His last year in New Orleans: 5-0. Overall record including Minnesota: 22-12.

A good comp for him is Chad Pennington. He’s smart, quick, accurate, and is dependable for everything but scrambling and throwing a lot of deep balls. At minimum, he’s never going to suck.

With the god guru calling his plays and the god running back in his backfield, he has more than enough skills to keep on winning.

Oh and the division is hard yes, but only because of New Orleans. Tampa is this year’s Browns because Brady right now is not better than Jameis. I don’t care to argue about it at the moment, but you’ll see.



Other bets to consider:

Brian Flores Coach of the Year +2500 – for many reasons both on and off the field

Rams +6000 – definitely worth a look, too much money and talent to have a bottom barrel price

Cowboys +1400 – we’re so fucking stacked

Saints +1150 – already the most talented team in the NFL and that’s before Jameis comes in. Currently fact checking Jameis 1of1 and it’s all checking out so far.

Chiefs +500 – let’s be real they’re probably a dynasty

NFL Lottery Tickets to Make You Rich – 2020 Season

Flashback Friday – Remembering Romo’s Recovery and Run vs the 3-13 Rams

Apparently the Cowboys and Rams had a lot of epic playoff battles back in the day, but I’m not old enough to remember anything of that shit.

In late modern times, there haven’t been many notable games between the two teams. The division round game a couple years ago was huge, but that is too recent.

Quincy Carter’s 13-10 victory back in 2002 was awesome at the time, but not important enough to feature in this series…

(NOTE: #88 is Antonio Bryant, the better version of Dez)


Instead, for this inaugural version of Cowboys Flashback Friday posts, we’re going to feature a top ten moment of Romo’s career – the epic four yard run.

Back in 2007, the Cowboys had the best team I can ever remember following. Bill Parcells had laid the foundation of a roster that was staaaacckkked on both sides of the ball.

Despite dropping the ball in Seattle the winter before and driving Parcells to retirement, Romo was looking sharp as shit in this season. He showing no signs of the career choke artist he would later become.

One of the savviest plays he made all season, and of his entire career, came in Week 4. It was a LEGENDARY four yard run.

You can see the replay at the beginning of this video of Romo’s top ten career moments…

Unfortunately, the season ended with a Cabo trip and an embarrassment at the hands of Eli, but at least we had this memory against the 3-13 Rams.

Flashback Friday – Remembering Romo’s Recovery and Run vs the 3-13 Rams

Is ET Coming Home or What?

The long running saga between Earl Thomas and America’s Team began on Christmas Eve of 2017. After beating us in a virtual playoff game in Week 16, the native Texan ran through the Cowboys tunnel to catch Jason Garrett and ask him to ‘come get me’ once Seattle ‘kicked him to the curb’…

(Side Note: That game was the beginning of the end for Dez in Dallas. Here are his full highlights from the game)


Trade rumors were buzzing when he held out the entire 2018 offseason and camp. Dallas offered a 2nd round pick, but Seattle demanded both a 1st and 3rd. That was way too much for a pending free agent, so Dallas declined.

ET was not pleased, and he made his feelings known against us in Week 3 in the form of two interceptions and a bow…


It looked like the saga was over for good last summer when Baltimore opened the bank for ET in a way that Dallas could not afford.

The Ravens were awesome and ET got cockier and cockier about his team as the season went along. He said that the Ravens, and not the Niners, were guaranteed a Super Bowl spot. He also trash talked the Pats defense for not wanting to tackle Derrick Henry


Anyways we all know how that worked out. Despite the choke job vs Tennessee, ET still looked to be in a good spot to wind down the prime of his career with Baltimore. Then shit got super real over the summer.

In April, his wife held him up at gunpoint when she raided an orgy that he and his brother were hosting in Austin.

Early in camp, he got kicked out of practice after getting into an all out brawl with fellow starting safety Chuck Clark. Fighting in football practice is not a big deal, but it was the latest in a string of problems ET’s had with his teammates.

They had already grown sick of him last year because he kept to himself in a tight-knit locker room, called out DT Brandon Williams for not playing through injury in their Week 4 loss to Cleveland, and skipped all the team workouts this offseason (even though he reported to camp in great shape).

The straw that broke the camel’s back was him releasing a video of the pre-fight coverage breakdown on Instagram, and sharing private practice intel to the public is a big no no.

The Ravens ‘leadership council’ requested he be released, and now he’s a free agent.



Dallas was the top team to sign him after he got released, but it’s been almost three weeks and he’s still unemployed. Is ET coming home or what?

Obviously Jerry Jones would love for that to happen, but contrary to popular belief he is not the real decision maker in Dallas. He is a spokesman while his son Stephen runs the football operations with massive delegation to Mike McCarthy and Will McClay.

McCarthy does not seem too keen on signing ET, likely because of his relationship with Seahawks GM John Schneider going back to their Green Bay days. As it stands now, sources keep telling journalists that the Cowboys have no interest and all the ET rumors are bullshit.


That being said, safety is definitely our biggest question mark going into the season. The current starter at free safety is Xavier Woods, who can play in both spots and has very high ceiling potential. Last year however, our scheme got exposed and he struggled along with everyone else on defense.

In the strong safety spot, we had hopes for HaHa Clinton-Dix, but he disappointed in camp and got cut. That leaves the starting job to special teams journeyman Darian Thompson – not good.

We did sign Brandon Carr recently, who is a solid old vet and could be dependable. There’s also been a lot of noise about playing Cheetoh at safety.

I’m cool with rolling with those guys to start the season and seeing how things work. McCarthy has proven trustworthy to this point, and we don’t need entitlement culture seeping through.


If anyone struggles though, Earl Thomas needs to get a call. Kevin Sherrington wrote it best: allow some time for Thomas to humble up, see how our current personnel works under live bullets, and bring him in on an incentive deal if we need him.

If that happens, it means Super Bowl. America’s haters are just gonna have to…

Is ET Coming Home or What?

We Have a Handful of College Football Games to Bet on Today

Believe it or not, it’s only been about a month since American sports came back. August was just the appetizer portion of this heavenly sports buffet, and now it’s time for some main courses. Conference finals, pennant races, EPL, and most importantly God’s greatest gift to America – FOOTBALL.

Technically, the first Saturday of college was last weekend with an FCS matchup. There was a team from the Southland conference vs a team from the ‘Ohio Valley’ conference and the southerners were easy money. Today is the first Saturday of FBS college football and there’s some alright games to bet on.


Army -3.5 vs MTSU

Army is currently pounding the shit out of MTSU right now and that -3.5 was way too easy. I’m not sure why it’s taking too long for people to figure this out, but service academies are low key the best teams to get behind these days.

We’ve transitioned to a new era in America where previously all football players learned the wishbone in middle school, and now nobody learns it ever. Triple options are easy to defend if you’ve seen it enough times, but service academies are a problem because now most opponents are seeing it for the first time in their lives.

One interesting thing to note is that Army has had ZERO positive covid cases since they’ve started training, and they fully monitored all the transportation of MTSU to keep West Point safe. Pretty good discipline by the service academies.

It’s too late for this game, but now that I know I’m on a heater I’ll share the rest of my picks…


SMU -24.5 at Texas State

SMU broke out last season under first year coach Sonny Dykes, who previously coached at Berkley and LA Tech and is very underrated. He brought in a ton of transfers, including Texas QB Shane Beuchel, and stormed out to an 8-0 record and #15 ranking through October.

This newfound SMU success brings a dilemma to Dallas football fans. On the one hand, SMU students are annoying as fuck. There’s fun rich, and then there’s douchey rich. SMU students epitomize the latter.

On the other hand, inflated egos is part of what made Dallas the capital of the football universe. Fuck it. Until they start sucking again, I’m riding the Pony Express.


North Texas -22.5 vs Houston Baptist

The North Texas Mean Green have somewhat of a cult following in Dallas. They get a lot of pub locally because of the morning show of the legendary sports radio station 1310 The Ticket, as two former roommates of the university co-host the show.

UNT has sucked for most of its history, but they got really good in 2018 with a midget QB named Mason Fine. Last year, they fell off a bit as Fine had injuries, but head coach Seth Littrell still has the program more relevant than ever.

We’re gonna believe in the Mean Green, and say things like “let’s SEE UNT win a game today” as we post those tickets.


Memphis -18 vs Arkansas State

Memphis is the current king of the AAC, which is the most under appreciated conference in football. They will have a new head coach, as offensive guru Mike Norvell departed to Florida State (and nearly caused a player mutiny).

Ryan Silverfield is the new man in charge and it’s TBD on how that affects Memphis. He was the assistant head coach for Norvell, so there should be continuity and I’m riding the Tigers until further notice.


Enjoy your football!

We Have a Handful of College Football Games to Bet on Today

Revisiting the Time Patrick Mahomes’s Girlfriend Instagrammed Her Stepdad’s Death

The coolest thing Pat Mahomes did with his new half-a-billion dollar contract was buy part of the Royals. The lamest thing he did was buy his girlfriend an engagement ring.

I feel so sorry for the neighboring restaurant patrons. Mahomes’s new fiancé definitely had no problems staying calm, mature, and not the least bit annoying when she finally got that ring she’d been working for her whole life…

Usually it is pretty stupid for an athlete to skip on the dream life and get engaged so young. It makes me think less of a player when it happens. For example, I knew Baker Mayfield was gonna suck last year when he decided that one rookie season was long enough to be single and he got married at 24yo like a loser.

With Mahomes on the other hand, it’s a bit different. I’ve heard from enough Chiefs and Tech fans over the years to understand that this is a pretty good arrangement for him.

He’s still allowed to sleep with other bitches as long as he’s discreet enough to not embarrass her publicly. She’s been with him since high school and has basically served as his life secretary for all these years.

He also has a dad that played pro baseball, and while his dad wasn’t particularly famous, the family experience still keeps Mahomes from becoming a fame whore himself. It’s part of what made Eli so great at being a NYC QB. These dudes don’t care about banging Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson; they just wanna ball out in playoff games.

So good on Patrick Mahomes for making his life secretary happy and maybe setting up a nice little family together. I hope it all works out!


However the point of this post is not to muse on about some athletes marriage. No… I bring this up because it’s as good a time as any to revisit what might be the most bizarre social media post in the history of the Internet.

It came from her Instagram account on the day of Week 10, 2018 when the Chiefs hosted the Cards. It was a pregame photo with the explanation that she saw her stepdad collapse right afterwards and escorted him to the hospital. Accompanying photos show a first person view of her arriving at the hospital behind her mourning mother, and then an embrace of all three’s hands at the deathbed.

It’s still up and everything too…

Listen I’m not here to judge any person for the way he or she mourns. Everyone does their own thing and there’s no reason to care about something so personal for someone else when it doesn’t affect you in the slightest.

I’m just saying, this is a very public mourning in a manner I haven’t seen before. It’s interesting that’s all.

Revisiting the Time Patrick Mahomes’s Girlfriend Instagrammed Her Stepdad’s Death