Luke Falk Survives Attempted Murder at UCLA

UCLA vs Washington State turned out to be a pretty dope game, as is usually the case whenever Mike Leach is manning a sideline.  I personally was teasing the over and feeling pretty damn good about it.  Washington State can light up the board enough to scare any team in the country, and they looked like they were clicking early on.

Then this shit happened…

Yikes…  That was 100% a game ending concussion, but somehow Falk returned to play the entire 2nd half.  Clearly, the concussion exam he took was a sham.  Knowing Mike Leach’s unique history with concussions, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he squeezed the team doctors into giving a favorable diagnosis for the team.  Was it dangerous?  Yeah.  Do I have a problem with it?  Not really.

I’ve said this before and I’m still a firm believer, there are certain times and places where playing with concussions are going to remain a part of sports.  In the NFL playoffs last year, you can’t be a real sports fan and tell me that Big Ben, Russell Wilson, and Julian Edelman had to be sat down.  You can’t tell me that it was smart for Josh Donaldson to leave a playoff baseball game because he was light headed.

Luke Falk is the heart and soul of this program right now and he was on the road in a huge game.  If he’s still functioning and he’s okay with going back onto the field, I’m all for letting him finish his job.  Just make sure to do your best to avoid anymore repeated head blows for the rest of the game.

That being said, I definitely had an issue when I saw this…

Holy shit man.  Even by my standards, that was not okay.  That was a kill shot in the literal sense of the term.

When I said I was fine with Falk going back into the game, I assumed that those types of dirty plays can’t happen in football anymore.  At least half of the targeting ejections I’ve seen this year have been disappointing ticky tack calls.  For the refs to let that play slide was one of the most egregious misses I’ve ever seen.

Clean that shit up Pac-12!


PS if you were wondering how the game ended…

A cover for me, and job well done for Mike Leach and his QB.  Awesome throw and catch.

Luke Falk Survives Attempted Murder at UCLA