Serena Williams (Who Is a New Mother Btw) Throws a Big Momma Bear Hissy Fit


Serena got her ass beat on Saturday night, which is no surprise to anybody who’s been watching her lately.  Yes, she’s been contending, but a simple eye test on her matches reveals a slow, apathetic player who looks like she’d rather be anywhere than on the court.  She used to carry herself with a ferocious competitiveness that only Kobe and MJ could rival in sports.  This summer, she has been the antithesis of that.

The Wimbledon final was one of the worst sports championship matches I’ve ever watched.  Serena was giving up on games left and right.  Unforced errors everywhere.  No motivation in her face, just dull eyes and a tired demeanor.  You wouldn’t know that if you had listened to the broadcast, however.  In their eyes, it’s okay that she dogged the final.  She had just become a MOTHER!

Angelique Kerber wins her first Wimbledon, and the entire ceremony is dedicated to Serena’s motherhood.  Kerber meets the new princess, and all the royals cared about was meeting new mother Serena afterwards.  It was embarrassing.  At that moment, I was certain that women’s sports had reached nadir.  Then Serena somehow made the US Open final and this happened…

This right here is easily the most childish and immature display of sore losing I have ever seen.  And make no mistakes about it, this was clearly a show to mask how terribly she was losing in this final.  Yes, what her coach was doing is commonplace in tennis and it’s somewhat bush league to enforce that, but it also is technically against the rules.  And when you’ve already been docked a warning for sportsmanship, you can’t lose your cool and smash a racket in the middle of a championship match.  Old Serena would’ve known that; New Serena doesn’t care.

In the post-match press conference, Serena tried to turn this into a women’s rights issue.  Huh?  If respecting women means we’re supposed to respect this type of behavior from athletes, then I don’t care about respecting women in this blog.  Time for my real thoughts:

Any man who has ever been in a relationship will immediately relate to this video.  A woman fucks something up, refuses to admit said fuck up, and emotions take over as she lashes out of control at a man.  The man then has to quickly make a logical calculation and set his boundary at the right balance between life as a whipped chump vs life dominated by arguments.  It’s one of the most frustrating parts of life as a man.

Usually, sports is an escape from bullshit like that in life.  Up until this past weekend, women’s tennis even qualified as said sports escape.  A big reason for that is Serena Williams and her incredible career, but this New Serena is a major about-face from that.

If she’s going to continue to behave like this, then she needs to do what’s best for women’s sports as a whole and retire.  It’s probably best for her personal life as well.  After all, she is a mother now.

Serena Williams (Who Is a New Mother Btw) Throws a Big Momma Bear Hissy Fit

Throwback Thursday to Philly Fans Losing Their Mortgate on SB39

It’s the Thursday before the Super Bowl, and Eagles fans are fucking pumped!  Will they finally win their first Super Bowl?  No, they won’t.  But we can still take some time to look back on a couple of memories from the scummiest fans our nation has to offer.

Here we have Michael Irvin getting a spinal cord injury because of the bush league concrete turf at veteran’s stadium.  Oh yeah also the fans cheering on his apparent paralysis and chanting ‘Deion sucks’ when his teammates were trying to pray…

You may hate the Patriots, but I guarantee you I hate the eagles ten times worse.  Every year when they are eliminated from playoff contention, I have my own personal holiday to celebrate.  I think about all the sick Philadelphians that might be lying in their death beds and shit, all realizing that they’re about to die without ever getting to see their beloved Eagles win a Super Bowl.  It makes me happy.  It’s what these scumbags deserve.

Another memory to throw back to – Eagles fans taking out second mortgages to go to Super Bowl 39.  Hahah.  What a bunch of dumb fucken losers.  I hope they all got foreclosed on during the recession.  Must’ve been real worth it to be there live to see Donovan McNabb blow chunks all over the field.  Lol, idiots

Throwback Thursday to Philly Fans Losing Their Mortgate on SB39

Warren Sapp Is a Traitor in the War on Football

SI just put out a wild piece on Warren Sapp yesterday that is definitely worth a read if you have a few minutes.  It must have been fun as shit for the writer to cover – full of strip clubs, blunts, and egregiously dumb quotes from Sapp.

Apparently, it’s now his life mission now to cure CTE with CBD, because of course.  Listen, I love pot and I hate CTE, which is why I find it disappointing that Warren Sapp is trying to make a name for himself in either sphere.  He was one of the greatest DTs of all time, but he’s always been a grade-A piece of shit human being.

If you’re unaware of the full details of his past, check out this video to understand the sheer irony of him trying to champion CTE awareness…

Mike Sherman’s comments after the game – “The joviality that existed after [the hit] when a guy’s lying on the ground, with numbness in his legs and fingers, I just thought that wasn’t appropriate for any NFL player.”

So the guy who nearly paralyzed someone on a dirty hit and then cursed out an opposing coach afterward is now going around playing the CTE victim card to champion his new pot company.  Must be hard to make sense of that, huh.

Speaking of $82M career earnings, remember when he hit a referee and got fined for it?  And then complained about that fine by calling Paul Tagliabue a slave master?  God, what a fucken idiot.  Throwback to one of my favorite cartoons ever…

Warren Sapp Is a Traitor in the War on Football

It Is Finally Fate for the Vikings to Win the Super Bowl

I was at a New Orleans bar for the Minneapolis Miracle, and man it was the surrealist shit I’ve ever witnessed in sports.  The bartendress was chain smoking and everyone was locked in arms yelling during the final drive, and then Diggs happened and you could hear a pin drop the rest of the night.

Regardless, props to Minnesota.  Hopefully now they can finally shut the hell up about bounty gate.  No joke, I hear more bitching about bounty gate from Vikings fans than I do Saints fans these days.  It’s weird as hell and a dumb thing for a fanbase to stay so bent out of shape over.

The 09 Vikes were sick, but it was silly for their fans to ever have hope in the first place.  1 – Nobody was beating the Saints at the dome that year.  It was destiny and an atmosphere that went beyond football (Katrina).  2 – Brett Favre in the playoffs.  Did Vikes fans not watch the past 15 years of their arch-rivals in the postseason?

Oh and also, the Vikings had the exact same bounty program in place

Aside from this dumb beef, I’m all for Vikings fans finally get theirs.  They are easily the most storied franchise in sports without a title.  It’s too bad the Falcons fucked up last week.  Would’ve been a cool story for the Vikings to avenge the Gary Anderson miss right before a home Super Bowl.

It Is Finally Fate for the Vikings to Win the Super Bowl

Tyler Seguin Is a Bro King

What a 2018 for Tyler Seguin so far.  First, he spends his bye week in Cabo banging Summer Rae.  Then, he goes fucken scorched earth on the Bruins in OT…

My god what a goal.  Keep in mind it was against the same team that gave him to us for peanuts.  What a blessing from above that Boston was dumb enough to hand over this legend to us.

Not only is Seguin sick at hockey, but he’s also a fucking bro as well.  The TMZ pics with Summer Rae should say enough, but word around Dallas is that he’s always the ringleader when the Stars are out on the town.  Much like Michael Irvin used to do, he’s the team leader in making damn sure that every player out there is getting sufficiently hammered and then laid.  Then, he’s whipping their ass in practice the next day making sure no bullshit excuses like hangovers can keep the team from winning.  Cool as hell.

After a so-so first couple of months, we’re now 7-3 in the past 10 games and locking down the first wild card spot.  Not bad, especially considering the central division is stacked as fuck.  It’s about that time of year to actually start paying attention to NHL, and I’m fucken stoked for this Stars resurgence.

Tyler Seguin Is a Bro King

Ranking Cole Beasley’s New Rap Single Among Other Cowboys Classics

Aside from running the same tired ass routes that Jason Garrett’s been calling all year, it looks like Cole Beasley has been putting time into a little pet project…

I will admit rap is my worst genre and I don’t know shit about it, but it seems pretty clear that he has flow and shit but completely forgot about the hook?  And the hook is the most important part of the song?  Oh well, good for him I guess.

Let’s look at some other Cowboys bangers from the past…

Lance Rentzel – Beyond Love (1968)

This song is actually pretty sick imho.  Rentzel was living the life back in the day – star receiver for the Cowboys, budding music star, and banging a Hollywood star.  Then he took those ‘beyond love’ feelings, showed them to a 10 year old, and his life fell apart.  V sad and dumb.  I wonder if it was the CTE’s fault.

Troy Aikman – Oklahoma Nights (1993)

Aikman’s singing skills = inverse of Aikman’s throwing skills.

Deion Sanders – Must be the Money (1994)

Not a great song, but that video is one of the most baller moves I’ve ever seen an athlete do.  Fucken awesome.

Terrell Owens – I’m Back (2006)

Yeeessss!!!  “No more get my Eagle on – meet me at the star!”  My teenage anthem.  God I would’ve been such an insufferably fun-loving human if we had ever managed to pull off a Super Bowl with TO.  Troll’s dream.  Unfortunately he fucked it all up.  Banger song though.

Ranking Cole Beasley’s New Rap Single Among Other Cowboys Classics